I wanted to take a moment to highlight improvements that will be deployed during tomorrow's game update which are the direct result of feedback from the community.

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Chat: A notification icon no longer appears when activity occurs in a public lobby while the Social Corner menu is minimized.
When the UI changes extended to the Chat window, the community identified a design flaw which created challenges with socializing in the game. While the Chat window was open, it covered a significant portion of the screen. Minimizing the window remedied the issue, but made it too difficult to tell when a new message had arrived. To address these concerns, we implemented a notification icon which displayed over the minimized Chat tab when a new message was received in any chat lobby the user had open.

Recent feedback has shown that this notification is of limited use, as conversations which occur in public lobbies happen at a significantly faster pace than those in private lobbies, and rarely affect the user. As of the version 2.21 game update, we have revised the list of events which trigger the Chat notification, removing activity in public lobbies from that list. The notification icon will continue to be displayed for any new friend requests, notifications, private messages, tournament lobby messages, and match lobby messages while the Chat window is minimized.

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Notifications: Multiple notifications can now be cleared in a single action.
As players who regularly redeem codes in the Shop or use the Trade system can attest, the game client can generate a significant number of messages in a player's Notifications folder in a short period of time. While we believe that these notifications serve an important purpose, we completely with the community's consensus that clearing out a large number of notifications is a cumbersome process. As of the version 2.21 game update, players with one or more unread notification will find a button in the upper right of the Notifications screen which allows them to mark all of their Notifications as read.

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Collection: Trade tag colors have been updated to improve ease of use.
Trade tags are critical to anyone who uses the Trade system regularly. The UI update included a revision to the coloring of these trade tags. Where the prior UI used a unique color for each tag, the updated UI consolidated the coloring scheme to bronze for an untagged state and green for a tagged state. While we believed this would provide a more consistent experience, the active trading community did an excellent job of pointing out how the lack of distinguishable colors for each tag made it more difficult to discern the type of tag applied to an item at a quick glance. As of the version 2.21 game update, each tag once again uses a distinct color for the tagged state: For Trade is orange, Wanted is blue, and For Review is purple.

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Trade: A screen name search box is now present when creating a Private Trade offer.

Trade: Users searching Public Trade offers can now filter the results to show only offers that contain booster packs.

Trade: Users searching Public Trade offers can now search by card title or by expansion name.
The Trade area received a fairly extensive update during the UI update, both visible to the public and under the hood. While we made a number of improvements to the overall flow of that section, we knew that there would some features that would require further refinement. The community has done a spectacular job of identifying pain points, and suggesting improvements.

The items above were selected for release in the version 2.21 game update as we believed they would have the greatest positive impact on the Trade experience. However, they are just the tip of the iceberg. We have committed a significant portion of our resources for the version 2.22 game update to further improvements to Trade functionality. In nearly every case, the Trade improvements slated for implementation in the 2.22 update are tied directly to community feedback. Our goal is to provide players with the ability to hide offers which a player cannot accept, use robust filters to refine search results for Public Trades, include the quantity of an item tagged as For Trade or Wanted and automatically adjust that quantity when a Trade is completed, and numerous other quality of life features.

In addition to the improvements above, the version 2.21 game update will introduce a new feature which was conceived in response to a wide range of community feedback. This feature will be present at the conclusion of any Ranked Random Battle match or Tournament Mode match in which a player is eligible to receive Trainer Token rewards. This feature will provide players with a bonus item, in addition to the standard Trainer Token rewards. The best part of this feature is that we can set virtually any item in the game as a bonus item without requiring a game or server update, and update those bonuses with the same level of ease. Bonus items can range from extra Trainer Tokens to Tournament Tickets to promo cards and more!

We sincerely appreciate the community's commitment to improving the gameplay experience for all Pokemon TCG enthusiasts, and encourage everyone to continue providing feedback and suggestions here on the forums and via the support portal.

Thanks for your continued support!