Greetings Trainers!

We’ve currently got a hotfix scheduled for tomorrow, which will address the majority of the card and functionality bugs which were introduced during last week’s game update. We do not anticipate an extended outage for this hotfix, but will keep you posted if that changes.

As mentioned in the February Community update, the most recent game update included the ability to begin testing Tournaments. Our plan is to run the first set of events later this week, followed by additional tests over the course of the next several weeks. The results of each test period will impact the duration and frequency of following tests. The smoother things run, the more frequent and prolonged the test periods will become. While we’re optimistic that this will be the case, it is also possible that issues could arise during testing which require more time between testing periods, or abbreviated testing sessions. Regardless, we’re eager to get the community involved in testing this new functionality!

Looking ahead, we’ve got a scheduled game update for the middle of April. Our focus for this update will be polish and bug fixes, with little or no new functionality added to the game. After that comes the early May game update, which will bring the addition of the new XY—Flashfire expansion to the Pokémon TCG Online. Though the focus of the work for the May update will be adding new cards to the game, we anticipate incorporating more of the community’s feedback on the UI improvements and overall flow of the game into the build, so keep that feedback coming!

I’d like to close by talking about the forum update. We’ve completed the discovery portion of the project and are beginning to move forward with implementation. The first phase of implementation should take approximately 2-3 months and will involve the installation, configuration, and testing of the new forum software, during which the existing forums will remain up and active. Once complete, we’ll shut down the current forums for a few days to migrate all of the users, threads, and posts to the new forums. Our goal is to re-launch the forums with similar functionality to the current ones, with a few extra bells and whistles thrown in, including user reputation, private messaging, and new tools to improve the ability to communicate with each other. The team working on this project has also allocated resources to support post-launch features, such as selectable forum skins, improved bug reporting functionality, and more account customization options. I’m can’t state strongly enough how excited I am at the opportunities that the new forums will provide for growing a stronger community!

Well, that wraps it up for the March update. I hope to face you all in a few tournaments this month! As always, thanks for your continued support.

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