Greetings, Trainers!

Due to the interruptions caused by the winter holidays, the development team has a fairly light update planned for next month. Tentatively planned for December 11th, this update will focus on support for the Brazilian release of the Black & White—Plasma Freeze expansion and bug fixes. We’re planning to address as many of the significant bugs reported by the community as possible. We’ve already tested fixes for issues such as Terrakion’s Retaliate attack triggering when a Pokémon is knocked out by Poison between turns, ACE SPEC cards continuing to be blocked after Spiritomb’s Sealing Scream Ability is no longer active, and cards which are not properly enabled for use in the Modified format, such as Energy Switch from HeartGold & SoulSilver, and the full art versions of Victini and Cobalion from Black & White—Noble Victories.

The January game update will focus primarily on UI updates and bug fixes. A significant portion of the game will be included in these UI updates, including login, the global nav bar, and the Trade and Collection components that I’ve shown screenshots for in previous community update posts. This update will also conclude the sunsetting of booster credits. Any players with unredeemed credits will have them replaced in the game client with an equal number of assorted boosters from the Black & White through Black & White—Boundaries Crossed. Work on Tournaments will continue throughout the months of December, January, and February, at which time the team will assess the viability of release for this game feature. We will provide additional updates on the progress of this functionality as it becomes available.

In addition to improvements to the game, we’re also working with a business partner to make significant improvements to the forums. Our goal is to address all of the incomplete or buggy implementation on the current forums, as well as expanding functionality to include some of the cool features that are common in other communities around the web. The discovery phase of this project will occur throughout December, after which our partner will recommend a course of action. This could be something as straight forward as fixing the bugs with the existing forum software or as complex as migrating the content from the existing forums to a new forum software platform. We’re aiming for a late-February launch for the updated forums, but the complexity of the project will determine the actual date. As with Tournaments above, we will provide updates as possible.

Well, that wraps it up for this month’s update. I’d like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it, and a big thank you to everyone for your continued support!

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