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    1.10.32 Patch Notes | July 2, 2013

    Bug Fixes
    General: Improvements made to the Chat service and matchmaking to reduce lag.

    General: Attempting to log in with an incorrect User Name or Password will lock a player out of his or her account for 15 minutes after 5 attempts, rather than after the first attempt.

    Chat: Players with multiple chat tabs open will no longer automatically switch from the active tab if new text is delivered to an inactive tab.

    Play!: The coin animation now plays properly.

    Card: The Block Ability no longer prevents the effects of Pokémon Catcher.

    Collection: Untradable versions of an item are always opened before tradable versions of that item.

    Unresolved Issues
    Play!: Trainer Challenge scoring uses the Easy difficulty modifier unless a player views the difficulty setting between each match.

    Play!: Completing a Versus Mode match returns the player to the landing page.

    Play!: All Versus Mode settings reset between matches.

    Trade: Including more than 6 items in a trade will disable the ability to create or accept a trade.

    Shop: Clicking the Cards button briefly displays Gems and Trainer Tokens as redeemable in the Shop.
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