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    May Community Update

    Greetings Trainers!

    It’s been a bit crazy around the office the last few weeks, so this month’s community update is a bit later than I would have preferred. I apologize for the delay. That said; let’s dig in!

    We’ve been hammering hard on Tournaments this month, with a goal of releasing them the first week of June. Unfortunately, we’re still seeing inconsistency with some major components of this functionality, including pairings and delivery of prizes. Rather than release what was likely to be a poor experience across the board, we’ve elected to delay the release of this game update for a couple more weeks. We believe this will give the Development team the time sufficient to sort out these problems.

    We are considering the initial release of the Tournaments feature to be an alpha test. Functionality will be limited to 8-player, single elimination tournaments using the Modified format. Additionally, Tournaments will only be made available for a 24-hour period, once per week, to create a focused testing window. As the system proves itself stable, we plan to expand both the testing windows and the tournament formats.

    Our stretch goal for this build is to add Trainer Token redemptions to the Shop, though the effort level required to get Tournaments functional may require us to push this to a later build. The initial release of Trainer Token redemptions will include non-tradable boosters from the Black & White series for 200 Trainer Tokens each. Additionally, a limited selection of non-tradable theme decks from the Black & White series will be available for 500 Trainer Tokens each. Available items will expand to include tradable deck boxes, card sleeves, Avatar gear and more in the coming months.

    The unique, limited nature of the real-world distribution for the Tropical Beach promos has historically created challenges in receiving approval for their digital distribution in the Pokémon TCG Online. The question has always been, “Why does it make sense to do this at this time?” The upcoming release of Tournaments created the perfect answer to that question.

    The update which includes Tournaments will also add the BW28 and BW50 Tropical Beach promos to the game. At that time, we will begin distributing codes via email to competitors and event staff from the 2011 and 2012 World Championships. Four codes will be sent to each competitor and three to each event staff member, with individuals who participated in both events receiving codes for both versions of the card. Each code will unlock four tradable copies of the version which was handed out at the event in which the individual participated; BW28 for the 2011 World Championships and BW50 for the 2012 World Championships. We estimate delivery of these codes to require two weeks to complete.

    In addition to all of this information, please ensure you read the latest news article about the Booster Credit Sunsetting transition on the News page.

    Though this post wasn't as loaded with good news as I had hoped, there is plenty to be excited about. As always, thank you for your continued support!

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