1.8 Patch Notes
April 18, 2013

  • General: Players may now take additional actions while a card is zoomed during a match or while editing a deck.
  • Shop: Players in Canada may now purchase Gems at pokemontcg.com/buygems.
  • Shop: Players in Canada may now redeem Gems for booster packs and theme decks in the Shop.
  • Play!: Computer-controlled opponents have received updated decks.
  • Play!: The Difficulty system for computer-controlled opponents has been overhauled.
  • Play!: A scoring system and new Achievements have been added to the Trainer Challenge.
  • Collection: New versions of the Basic Green, Basic Blue, and Basic Red decks are now available to all players.
  • Collection: An indicator is now present on all items that are new to a player’s collection until the player logs out.