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    Post 1.0.94 Patch Notes | February 6, 2013

    Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Storm Now Available
    Players can redeem code cards from specially marked Black & WhitePlasma Storm theme decks and booster packs unlock cards from this expansion in the Pokémon TCG Online. Black & WhitePlasma Storm contains over 130 cards, including eight powerful Pokémon-EX, three game-changing ACE SPEC cards, and all-new Team Plasma cards, easily identified by the infamous Team Plasma shield and distinctive blue border.

    Booster Credit Changes
    The existing booster credit system is being phased out over the course of the next 18 months in favor of a more streamlined code redemption experience. The release of Black & White—Plasma Storm brings the first step in this process.

    Code cards found in booster packs from expansions prior to Black & WhitePlasma Storm will continue to grant booster credits, which can be redeemed for the HeartGold & Soul Silver through Black & White—Boundaries Crossed expansions.

    Code cards found in Black & WhitePlasma Storm booster packs will unlock a digital booster pack from the same expansion, rather than a booster credit. Booster credits cannot be redeemed for Black & WhitePlasma Storm in the Shop. This redemption method will apply to all Pokémon TCG expansions released after Black & WhitePlasma Storm.

    Keep an eye on the News page at www.pokemon.com/tcgo for the latest information on this transition.

    Card Sleeves Now Available
    Players may now select card sleeves while saving a custom deck. The selected sleeve replaces the standard Pokémon TCG card back and is displayed to both players. Two sleeves are currently available to all players. New sleeve designs will be introduced through a variety of distribution methods in later game updates.

    Patcher Update
    Patch notes for each game update now appear in the Patcher.
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