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    Post 1.0.42 Build Notes | October 23, 2012

    The latest build brings the return of Trading to the Pokémon TCG Online, some minor updates and a number of bug fixes for community-reported bugs.

    General Updates
    Patcher Update
    An improved version of the patcher is available in this build. In most cases, the patcher version will automatically update when the game is run. If you experience problems updating, please follow the instructions for reinstalling the game.

    When creating a new Trade, any items (cards, coins, avatar items, etc.) offered by the trader are held in escrow. While the offer is pending, traders can still use those items, but cannot create new offers with those items.

    Trading Multiples of the Same Item
    Each item in the “I’m Trading” and “In Exchange For” windows is treated as a single item. To add multiples of the same item to an offer, a trader must select them each independently. Each item will display the number of copies of that item in the trader’s collection as a reference. For example, I have five Darkrai-EX in my collection and want to trade away two. When creating an offer I would add Darkrai-EX to the offer twice. The total number of Darkrai-EX in my collection (five) would be displayed at the bottom of each card to serve as a reminder while creating the trade.

    Like For Like Trading
    The “Like For Like” option is a great starting point for inexperienced traders. When enabled, Rare cards can only be traded for other Rare cards, Commons for Commons, Black Star Promos for Black Star Promos, etc.

    Public Trades
    Players can use the Public Trade feature to offer a trade that anyone in the game can accept. Offers that are not accepted within 8 hours are canceled. Though there is currently no limit to the number of Public Trades that a player can create, we may implement a cap at a later date to allow for greater diversity in Public Trades.

    Private Trades
    Private Trades allow a player to offer a trade to a specific partner. Traders are shown a list of possible partners that are online at the same time. Private Trade offers remain active until canceled by the trader or accepted by the trade partner.

    Friend Trades
    As with Private Trades, Friend Trades are made directly from player to player. The list of available partners is limited to players on the trader’s Friend List. However, offers can be made to friends whether they’re online or not!

    Deck Builder
    Adding Multiple Copies of a Card to a Deck
    Holding down the Ctrl button and double clicking on a card will add 4 copies of that card to your deck.

    If you experience a problem with the new build, please check the Known Card Bugs and Known Game Bugs threads first. If your issue doesn’t appear in that list, please post it in the Open Beta & Support forums or go to the Pokémon Support Portal to notify us of the issue.

    Thanks for your continued support!

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