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    Forum Updates - 11/1/12

    Hello Everyone!

    Today’s site maintenance included the first round of updates for the forums. Most of these updates provided some missing functionality for the Moderators. However, we also enabled portions of the user control panel for the entire community. I wanted to take minute to highlight the features that were enabled.

    To access the General Settings control panel, log into your account and select the General Settings link at the top of the Forums.

    My Profile – Edit Signature:
    Enter the message that you would like displayed at the bottom of your posts in the text field and select hit the Save Signature button. Every time you comment in a thread, you’ll have the option of including your signature in the post!

    My Account – General Settings:
    This setting contains a lot of options which let you customize your experience on the forums. You can control whether Signatures, Avatars and Images are displayed in posts, the order that threads and posts are displayed, or what your time zone is. One of the best features is the Message Editor Interface, which makes it much easier to format your posts. It includes a user friendly interface which inserts the BBCode tags necessary to make text bold, or underlined, or red, or any number of other things!

    The Subscription function is very beneficial for following threads you frequent (i.e. Roleplay.) This function will allow you to sort threads into folders you want to keep an eye on and will notify you when the thread has been updated. You can have the notifications come through the control panel only or through your e-mail instantly, daily or weekly.

    We highly recommend that you visit the General Settings tab and play around with some of the settings to maximize your forum experience! Keep on the lookout for more updates from us as more features roll in!

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