Major Pokémon TCG Online game updates occur once a month. These updates introduce major features to the game, such as multiplayer, trading, etc. Weekly patches are scheduled between these game updates, and typically introduce smaller features, such as the addition of promo cards, or fixes for existing bugs. Occasionally a weekly update will be delayed or pushed until the following week while the contents of that update go through additional testing. Armed with that information, I’d like to share some of the plans that are in place for the next few weeks.

The game will go into maintenance on Monday the 8th. During this time, we’ll be adding the Dragon Vault collection to the game, allowing players to start building decks with these exciting new cards. We’ll also use this opportunity to sneak in a handful of bug fixes that have been reported by the community. We’ve targeted the biggest, most annoying bugs for this update, including Hydreigon’s Dragonblast attack and Rescue Scarf’s persistent effect. Additional bug fixes will come in later game updates.

As discussed in the September Community Update, the next major game update is scheduled for the middle of October. Testing has gone well on the Trading component of the game, and we’re confident that it will be incorporated in this build. On the flip side, we’ve faced some challenges with the Avatar Builder. Rather than deploy an unfinished feature, we’ve elected to delay the Avatar Builder’s release to spend more time polishing it.

The developer is nearly finished with the Mac client. The largest obstacle remaining is the patcher, which is responsible for keeping the game client up-to-date. The developer should be resolving the patcher issue over the course of the next week. Once this work is complete, we’ll spend a couple of weeks putting the Mac client through its paces to ensure that it is ready for release to the public. While we had hoped to make the mid-October game update, the testing time necessary will push it past that release window. If everything checks out during testing the Mac client will be released with the next major game update, which is scheduled for the beginning of November.

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