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    September Community Update

    Greetings Trainers!

    September has been a quiet month in terms of new features added for the Pokémon TCG Online. The game updates this month have primarily focused on bug fixes and backend improvements, rather than the addition of new features.

    The next scheduled game update is planned for mid-October. We're making every effort to get the Avatar Builder and Trading features into this build. As with any game feature that impacts a player's collection, the development team is spending a great deal of time on testing these two components. The security of a player's collection is of the utmost importance to us, and we wanted to ensure that the Avatar Builder and Trading features would work properly right out of the gate.

    We're also aiming to complete testing on the Mac client over the course of the next few weeks. Our goal is to make it available for download by the end of October. We should have more information on the minimum system requirements closer to the release. We appreciate the patience and dedication that the Mac players have shown over the last few months. We believe you will find the end result to be well worth the wait.

    October will also bring the release of the Pokémon TCG: Dragon Vault mini-set. Dragon Vault cards will be available in the game next month, and will add some exciting new strategies to Dragon-type decks! November will bring the release of Black & White–Boundaries Crossed, featuring Black Kyurem-EX and White Kyurem-EX, as well as the brand-new ACE SPEC card type. Be sure to keep an eye on pokemon.com for the latest news on these exciting new sets!

    In addition to all this exciting game news, we're also working on improving our ability to communicate with the community. The transition from the current forum software to vBulletin has taken longer than anticipated, but is rapidly approaching. During the changeover, we'll be reorganizing the layout of the forums to help consolidate the news and bug reporting sections. We're also overhauling our bug reporting process to increase the ease of reporting bugs to the moderators, and the speed at which those bugs are passed along to the developers. Keep an eye on the forums for more news on this front!

    As always, thank you for your continued support!


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