Greetings Trainers!

August has been a big month for the Pokémon TCG Online. The return of multiplayer and the addition of the Black & White–Dark Explorers and Black & White–Dragons Exalted sets to the game means there’s more reason than ever to play your favorite card game!

As with the release of the new Trainer Challenge last May, the multiplayer components of the game are still a bit rough around the edges. Feedback from the community plays a huge role in smoothing out these edges. Bugs that you report in the forums or via the support portal get compiled by the moderators. These reports get passed to the QA team for verification and entered into the bug-tracking system, prioritized by severity. This system helps the developers prioritize their resources for future game updates. As you can see, the community plays a huge role in fixing bugs in the game!

We&rsquo;re planning to roll out a series of patches between now and the next major game build. These patches will address the card exploits, game bugs and missing theme decks that have been reported. We&rsquo;ll also be making minor tweaks to game logic to make for a smoother play experience. As each patch is deployed, the moderators will be updating the and <a href="]Known Game Bugs posts, removing items that were fixed and adding new items as they&rsquo;re verified by QA. Please make sure you check these two posts before submitting a bug report, as it&rsquo;s possible that we&rsquo;re already aware of the issue.

The next couple of months should see the return of the Trading and Avatar Creator portions of the game for the public and internal QA work beginning on release candidates for the Mac client. As these major features near completion, we&rsquo;ll begin work on some exciting new features like tournaments and the leveling system. Keep your eyes on the forums for more news on these features as they near release!

Thanks for your continued support!


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