Hello everyone!

We are back and bigger than ever! There are tons of changes that have been going on behind the scenes while we were in maintenance, updates to the shop and code redemptions being one of them.

You may have noticed that the shop is no longer on the website. This is just a temporary change that we made in order to tinker around with a few last things since we wanted to bring multiplayer to everyone as soon as possible. You can still redeem codes and obtain virtual packs and items within the downloadable client once you complete the multiplayer update! No worries! We hope to bring web redemptions back to the players really soon.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Can't wait to meet you in battle on the new multiplayer Pokemon TCG Online!

Prof. Snow

Parasol Lady

Need to report a bug or an issue? Submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com!

"I'm like a hunter of peace. One who chases the elusive mayfly of love... or something like that."

- Vash the Stampede