As currently planned, next week’s game update for the Pokémon TCG Online Windows-client will include the core components of multiplayer. These upgrades will permit a player to build custom decks using cards from his or her collection and battle against other players, or computer-controlled opponents. In addition, players will have access to the Black & White–Dark Explorers set and the Black & White–Dragons Exalted set when it launches! Features such as trading and ranked battles will be rolled out in the coming months.

To prepare for the release of multiplayer, our development team is deploying some improvements to the game’s patcher later this week. Players can download the patcher update this weekend, which will result in reduced patch times when multiplayer releases next week. Players that don’t download the patcher update this weekend will receive both the patcher update and the multiplayer update at the same time.

We understand that this transition is difficult for Mac users but we believe that their patience will be well-rewarded when the Mac client launches later this year. As digital collections are associated with a player’s account, each player’s cards, theme decks and packs will remain intact even if that player is not able to access the new game client.

Thanks for all your patience and support. I look forward to facing off against all of you with my Rayquaza-EX deck next week!


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