With the new beta version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online: Trainer Challenge releasing next week, I wanted to swing by and give the community a heads up on what to expect.

This release will only consist of the core components of the game. No new features will available in this release. We need the community to thoroughly test the core of the game to ensure that we have a strong, stable foundation on which to build. As this is a completely new version of the game, bugs are likely to occur. We will act as quickly as possible to correct these, and will roll out new features as the core components stabilize.

Gold League, Platinum League and City Championship will be available for testing, and players can use any theme deck in their online collection, including the Black & White–Dark Explorers decks. As you play through the game, please use the Report a Bug function to submit any errors or bugs you encounter. The more detail you provide in these reports, the easier it will be for the developers to nail down the cause of the issue and correct it.

Thanks in advance for all your hard work! We look forward to hearing your feedback when the new version of Trainer Challenge launches next week.

A discussion thread can be found here.