Greetings Beta Testers!

As the month of March draws to a close, I wanted to swing by and give you an update on where we’re at with the Pokémon TCG Online open beta.

As you may know, we started working on an updated version of the game late last year. Though we got off to a slower start than we would have liked, things have really begun to pick up steam. The playable versions of the game that we’ve received show solid improvement with each iteration. There’s still plenty of tweaking that needs to be made, but things are really beginning to fall into place nicely. We’re currently penciling open beta in for late spring/early summer.

In addition to game engine improvements, we’re also working on completely overhauling the look of the game. The team working on the new user interface is doing a terrific job, and we’re very excited about giving the game a facelift, in addition to replacing its guts. We thought we’d give you a quick peek at the direction we’re moving. The screenshot below is still in the draft phase, so don’t expect it to look exactly like this when the new version of the game is ready for beta testing.

While we continue working on game improvements, we’d like to remind everyone of the importance of good etiquette during the beta testing session. Remember, you are all part of the community and your actions can have far-reaching impact. Every player that quits the game out of frustration with opponents that intentionally stall or take advantage of exploits is one less player for you to trade with or battle against. The moderators cannot be everywhere at once, so players considering harmful actions should ask themselves, “Would I like it if someone did this to me?” The developers can build a great game, but it’s the community that makes it fun!

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to move toward a better future. We’ll have plenty more to show you in next month’s community update, including more screenshots of the new version of the game. Until then, keep battling!