We'd like to share the following message from one of our Pokémon Community organizers, Andrew Finch!

Dear Beta Testers,

We want to thank all of you for your continued support, testing, and patience. Your input is essential to the development process, and your comments, while sometimes painful, have always been helpful. They continue to guide our priorities during the development of Pokémon TCG Online.

I know it can feel at times like you are not getting all the information that you want, so I’d like to personally update you on the current status of our game. While this may not answer all of your questions, it will set the precedent for us to regularly update you on our progress toward the new version of our game.

First and foremost, The Pokémon Company International is committed to providing the very best play experience for our online TCG community. I have seen posts that suggest that our commitment to this experience is waning; that is simply not the case. We have been, and continue to be, diligent in our development process. We understand the issues some of you are having with the game, and you are not alone in your frustration. Our number-one objective is to develop a game that meets the high standards set by our fans, and we will not stop evolving the program until we’re satisfied with the end result. The current game experience is not right and is the reason we’re still in beta.

So, where are we headed today? We have taken lessons learned from our original version and have begun revamping it, creating a new version that will launch later this year. No amount of testing can substitute for having real players actively involved in the process. The experience we gained from the original build has been invaluable, helping us identify and fix the flaws you have been encountering. The new build will have all the features players love about the current one while being free of the kinks that have developed since we’ve been in open beta. However, since we’ve decided to take this new development path, you will not be seeing incremental improvements to the original build while we focus on the new version of the game experience. We will share more information as we get closer to our transition stage.

As many of you know, developing a game like Pokémon TCG Online is a long, technically complicated process. In addition, two other factors have caused our schedule to extend since we originally announced that a new version was coming: first, we have ended up needing to put more resources on the current version than we initially expected. Second, in order to take advantage of emerging technology, we have decided to update the client as well as the infrastructure for the new version of the game. In the end, technology this involved is always going to take longer than one might expect or want, but we assure you that we listen to your feedback and that we appreciate your time and the passion you have for Pokémon TCG Online. This community is the strongest I’ve had the pleasure to know, and we continue working to give you the best game possible.

Andrew Finch

Senior Director of Online Development

The Pokémon Company International

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