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    Exclamation Our policy on selling digital cards

    TPCi does not allow players to sell digital cards for the TCG Online. In order to play, all players must agree to the terms of use. The language in the terms of use that deals with sales of digital goods is as follows:

    In no event may you trade any virtual in-game items for "real" money, any other good or service outside of TCGO, or any promise to provide certain products or services whether in-game or outside the game. Any attempt to trade outside TCGO or trade a prohibited item may result in your account being suspended or terminated.

    But why? There are several reasons for this decision, and the lawyers (who really are lovely people-unless they are overworked, which they are. A lot.) have advised us to disallow sales for very good reasons. The first is:

    FRAUD: People can suck. It's a sad but true reality online today. People can advertise digital cards and after you pay, you never get the cards traded to you. What villainy is this? What can you do? Well, not a whole heck of a lot. TCG Online is not responsible for fraud in this area. TCG Online expressly forbids the buying and selling of digital cards. It's very upsetting to get conned and more so when there is no recourse.

    FUTURE PLANS: In the future the TCG Online will introduce Gems into the store. This allows the user to purchase gems, which can be used to get Avatar Items and in-game accessories. That is pretty cool in itself but after that, we will introduce Gem Trading. Ahhhh, you say. Now you get it. Trading gems to get the cards you want in a safe and fraud protected setting within the TCG Online game? SCORE!

    So there you have it. Two very good reasons for disallowing the purchase of digital cards, that will, in the long run, make everyone happier. In a Beta, features launch as they are ready, not necessarily when we think they should and this is a great example of timing. Soon, everyone will be able to solicit trades for what they want legally.


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